Current Work

Fortress Innovation                                                                June 2015 – October 2015


Fortress Innovation is located in Seoul, South Korea and is a consultant firm that specializes in GPU and CPU computing programs. Their products are highly innovative and provide efficient, fast solutions for large and small scale companies. Their clients range from insurance companies to meteorological companies, both local and international. As a fairly new start-up Fortress Innovations’ potential for further growth is inevitable. Their goal is to further push innovation, while providing simple solutions to a complex market.

During my time working for Fortress Innovation I have further expanded my knowledge of social media and utilizing it as a marketing tool. I have taught myself WordPress and SquareSpace and completely renovated and redesigned the companies website. I was able to transform the website into a more professional, easily accessible website that was appropriate for the targeted audience. Through my work I was able to provide better contact and connection with clients and potential investors, as well as reach a more global audience. In addition, I have created and maintain the FaceBook and YouTube pages for Fortress Innovation as well. My work here has encouraged me to further research marketing and branding so that I may continue to improve my knowledge and skills. It has also given me insight into how international markets work. Working for a start-up has taught me the patience, diligence, and hard-work that truly goes into creating a company.
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Synder Application                                                                 June 2015 – Present


In late June I had an idea for an innovative and complex iPhone/Android app that is currently being developed. In between having the idea and the actual programming of the app, many steps were involved. These included making drawings of multiple versions, creating mockups, researching competitors, and researching the app market. As an inexperienced app developer much of my time was spent teaching myself certain programs, such as Balsamiq and Mockingbird, to create mockups. I also had to conduct research on the app developing process. I had to orchestrate strategic marketing plans for the launch of the app, which involved reading several books and articles on marketing. In addition, calculating costs, project duration, sunken costs, remodeling, new features, choosing a target audience, income sources, and profit were also included. I reached out to numerous app developing and software engineer companies to receive quotes and advice to better understand the process. This business plan included every detailed step from the first sketch to potential future investors.

Due to the continued work on my app I cannot share the content of my mockups and wireframes.