Hey there! I’m Alex and welcome to my site. Here you can find my recent activity, thoughts, interests, and photos.

I’m 22 years old and I’m originally from Potomac, Maryland. I graduated from the University of Miami (FL) with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Economics. In college I was on the pre-med track, but after graduating I decided to take some time to pursue other career interests before dedicating myself to medicine. I am currently really interested in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. With my background in Psychology I find Marketing to be a really creative and fun field. More specifically, I am interested in the idea of growth hacking and using social metrics to network and grow brands.

I am a city girl and am in love with New York City. I also love warm weather and am in love with Miami and California as well, however, I currently reside in Cleveland, OH … SURPRISE! My college sweetheart of a boyfriend currently attends medical school here and I decided to take an adventure and explore  Cleveland for a few years. I love traveling, photography, and am addicted to sushi. I love a good night out but also enjoy my Netflix.

I’m always open to talk to people, so feel free to reach out.